With so many collections honoring high-action sports lately, Matthew M Williams and Nike are slowing things down with a yoga apparel capsule.

Following the release of their latest colorway of the Nike Zoom MMW 004, Williams and the Swoosh are presenting an apparel capsule comprised of over a dozen pieces. Dri-Fit t-shirts, bras, leggings, shorts, socks, and outerwear stand out in the collection. The shorts include a Williams’ Cobra-buckled belt, detachable towel, loose shell, and base-layer leggings that can all be customized to the wearer’s liking. The jacket features a higher neckline, removable hood, weather-resistant lining, and adjustable cuffs.

According to Williams, yoga can be seen as a metaphor for life. “You get stronger at things day by day, there’s no perfection or end goal, there’s just succession and a constant arc,” explains Williams. “Through yoga, one is grounded, able to de-stress, focus, and sustain for optimal performance over time. There is no winner or loser— just daily and sustained progress.”

Photographer Sharna Osbourne has captured visuals for the collection. The campaign film and photos (seen below) feature Korean musician Yeohee Kim (aka machína), Brooklyn-based musician serpentwithfeet, model Alton Mason, yoga instructor Sorcha Finch, and more.

The Nike MMW 005 Yoga collection is available now via Nike.comthe ALYX website, and select retailers.


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