In the Halloween spirit, Naked & Famous has chosen to collaborate with spooky comedy franchise Ghostbusters on a new denim collection.

The collection comes complete with two pairs of pants and two selvedge denim trucker jackets. The jackets come in 13 oz black denim, one with the Ghostbuster “No Ghost” logo on the back along with “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” patches styled like a vintage motorcycle club along with “NFD” for the denim brand and another with Slimer the ghost embroidered on the back who was modeled after John Belushi’s character from Animal House. Each jacket comes with a glow-in-the-dark leather patch on the inside collar and the Slimer jacket has an image of Slimer rather than the “tragic blonde” patch.

The pants come in Naked & Famous’ three classic fits of Super Guy, Weird Guy, and Easy Guy 11oz denim. One pair comes in rope-dyed indigo denim finished with a selvedge ID coated in chemiluminescent phosphors for a subtle detail that makes the selvedge lines glow in the dark. This pair also has a “No Ghost” logo embroidered on the back pocket and comes with a black-light keychain to make the pants also glow in the dark. The second pair is also inspired by Slimer with a glow in the dark leather patch and Indigo denim coated in phosphors to completely glow in the dark that chip away to give glow in the dark denim fades along with regular denim fades from the indigo.

The Naked & Famous x Ghostbusters collection is currently available at select retailers and online at Tate & Yoko. Take a look at the full collection below.


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