We’ve made it halfway through the NFL season and the league has been shockingly consistent at the top and bottom. The Patriots are still without a loss and the Dolphins are still winless. The end of October is here and the Halloween mood is in full effect. Lets get after these fits.

Brennan Scarlett

Scarlett put together an outfit that consisted of some of your core basics like a denim shirt and a pair of retro 1 high’s in phantom and gym red. He also managed to sneak in a pair of the NBA logo socks seen peeking above the 1’s.

Chester Rogers

The large logo Rhude tee in black is my favorite wardrobe staple. Rogers pairs it with a pair of the highly coveted Fear of God vans from 2016 that are fetching over $1,000 on StockX at the moment.

Donte Deayon

Everytime a team plays in London I realize there’s nothing I need more in my life than the team jackets from the trip. This Rams jacket might be the best one yet though. The OG blue and gold as well as the script logo on the chest are top notch. I need a plug ASAP. I don’t even really like the Rams man.

Dwayne Harris

Dwayne Harris raises the question I consistently ask myself when it comes to designer fashion, can you mix prints? He’s rocking the full Gucci set while carrying the LV monogram duffle. While I would never be caught mixing monograms, it feels like a “if you can pay for it you can make your own rules.” With that said the Gucci set is dope and I love that it’s shorts instead of your typical sweatsuit.

Eric Ebron

Alright its a borderline Canadian tuxedo but it doesn’t feel like a typical tongue in cheek Canadian tuxedo. The denim washes are practically identical but they are broken up by the white shirt that really adds a dimension of color. I’m also a huge fan of this shearling jacket and it makes me excited for the fits that will include coats the rest of the year.

Trai Turner

You probably recognized that Balenciaga sweatshirt almost instantly. Turner added his own flair to the A$AP Rocky famous piece with a big chain and a pair of Dior B23’s.

Gerald McCoy

Blacked out with a bit of flair. The gold touches on McCoy’s suit and the bracelets/chains step up what could’ve been a run of the mill all black suit. That’s before we even get to the iridescent Louis Vuitton duffle bag, which takes this over the top.

Kyle Allen

This is a perfect example of putting together a fit that looks great but doesn’t include hype brands and large logos. The fit on the shirt is perfect and I love the vertical stripes. The only noticeable label you can see is the Herschel badge on the duffle. Cheers to Allen for a well put together fit.

Malcolm Jenkins

It is so hard to keep Jenkins out of this list week to week. He’s so consistently well dressed it’s impossible to ignore. I especially think he killed it with this jacket, which is a collaboration between Damari Savile and Hamid Holloman. If you’re a fan of this one check out Savile and Holloman’s other work on Instagram.

Miles Sanders

Dark green velvet suits are always going to be one of my favorites. I especially like the way Sanders uses different shades of green to complement the color of the jacket in this instance instead of opting for something more contrasty.

Trevor Davis

Davis played his first 2 collegiate seasons at the University of Hawaii before transfering to California Berkeley to finish his collegiate career. Davis showed love for legendary Hawaii QB Colt Brennan who played from 2005 to 2008. Brennan broke or tied 11 Hawaii records in his first season but had a short lived NFL career. It’s cool to see Davis show respect for one of the greats that came before him.

Taylor Gabriel

It’s hard to tell if Gabriel was getting into the holiday spirit in costume or just wanted to get dressed up for  the Bears week 8 game. For what it’s worth my hope is that he’s doing his best Peaky Blinders impression, since it’s the best show on Netflix at the moment. Thoughts on season 5?

Eric Rowe

Finally, we have the most festive of them all. Nobody wore anything quite as poignant as what Eric Rowe picked out for his gameday attire. The jack-o-lantern sport coat is right in line with the spirit of Halloween and can be found fairly easily for the properly motivated.


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