The Nike Air Foamposite One has seen numerous colorways within the past few years and it’s not over for this Penny classic just yet. Paying homage to Penny Hardaway’s Phoenix days, is an upcoming Electric Purple and Orange Nike Air Foamposite One scheduled to release in 2013. The Foam displays purple uppers and orange accents, while black takes over the soles, carbon fiber and liner. Let us know if you’re feeling this Phoenix colorway.

Via Sole Up


      • @ChrisBarnettII There are a few versions that don’t have the clear soles. But My point is the clear sole destroys the sneaker because it turns yellow after a couple of years.. unlike the sole collector version, the original black version, cough drops…etc..

        • @GyanShieldsdad @ChrisBarnettII I agree, those soles should’ve been black or at least that shade orange. No matter, I’ll black out the sole myself if the original comes with clear soles.

        • @Ole84Pa  @GyanShieldsdad  @ChrisBarnettII I’m partial to the clear soles. I love the look on them. Either way, I’m on these.

        • @ChrisBarnettII  @Ole84Pa I’m getting the sole on my pink foamposites switchedto black and its costing me 120..  That yellow just really takes the glory away from any cw to me. I agree, in the at first they will be sweet…its about longevity with me. You can take care of your sneakers, even you sole glow but you can get rid of the yellow…it just irritates the heck out of me.  But regardless of what I think they will sell out.

        • @GyanShieldsdad   take some seaglow, some of that black powder dye, and hit those boys off with a coat every couple hours leavin that boy under a uv b light, you can get all that with a ballast for your light for easily under 100, dont pay some fool to do something you can do yourself

        • @Snpdo I hear you bro, But I have a limit on stuff i’m willing to try. And I would rather have the actual black sole replacement than dye the sole. But I get your point though.

        • @Ole84Pa  @GyanShieldsdad  @ChrisBarnettII which foams have the clear soles? i don’t really pay attention to the soles on the foams.

  1. its funny because im a die hard suns fan. NO BODY LIKES THE PHOENIX SUNS. but these will FLY off the shelves….SMH


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