In the world of sneakers, you can always come across mysterious pairs and pieces that have a story behind them but without knowing anyone with the proper knowledge, it makes it hard know the story behind a pair. Seen here is this Metallic Silver Foamposite one, that looks like it’s been casted with silver. See this mysterious silver cast Foamposite dubbed “TI” after the jump. Via Weibo

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  • DigitalMonster

    Oh i get it its suppose to be steel pennies like during the civil war or maybe WW1 (i cant remember) they used the copper for parts in the war and made steel pennies to.replace them. I have a few in my coin collection

  • DigitalMonster

    I love to own a pair of these

  • DigitalMonster

    Sorry make that WW2 :-)

  • Joetothemo

    Those pennies were Zinc…and no.

  • DigitalMonster

    Zinc…Steel… whatever they weren't copper keep it moving

  • HeroAJ

    mustve cost a pretty penny