Remember that Air Jordan 1 x Nike SB Teaser that was leaked? We haven’t heard anything about that yet but here’s a teaser that took us all by surprise here at MN. The teaser shows a blackened silhouette with various Air Jordan 1 colorways in the background, with text that reads “Jordan 1 SB QS Teaser”. Now while the colorway remains a mystery, we’re hoping that it’s the same Air Jordan 1 “Royal” SB colorway from last year. Let us know if you like the idea of an Nike SB and Air Jordan hybrid.


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  1. if its Jordan 1s with fat tounges like nike sb dunks are they will start a new revolution. lol Or basically the fact of jordan 1 sbs based off skating things are very awesome too… maybe jordan 1s with the same colors as sbs? thatd be pretty cool too. dont know what to expect but sounds awesome


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