Nike has been going hard in the Camo paint lately, and this edition of the Air Max 1 in their French motif is a standout from the collection. Using a unique canvas material, Nike has pushed the envelope, and with the multiple editions, it appears they aren’t stopping anytime soon. The Air Max 1 goes back decades, and this new look is pushing boundaries that no other brand has pushed. Many brands have tried to push the camo envelope, but usually they end up with something that you’ve probably already seen strolling the aisles of your local Walmart. The unique way Nike has portrayed the Camo fatigues of the select countries is truly impressive, and this French military rendition is one of the finest. No news as to when these will be marching into stores, but we’ll keep you updated via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More Pics After The Jump


Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_07_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_09_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_10_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_08_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_06_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_05_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_03_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_02_result Nike-Air-Maxim-1-Camo-France_04_result Nike-Air-Classic-BW-France-SP-Camo_07_result


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