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The Nike Air Max Camo collection has taken the camo theme to a whole new level in several ways, from the colors to the patterns, several of these have never hit the sneakerworld before, and after seeing these, we hope more people adopt some of these looks. Based around 5 countries, Nike chose places that have made the Air Max design a staple, and these new takes on the 1, 90, 95, 97, 180 and Classic BW all pay homage to countries such as Italy, Germany, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. What makes these even more special is the fact that the pattern used on each sneaker nods to the territorial camo of that country, giving these shoes quite a powerful theme. The Air Max Camo Collection will be releasing July 3rd, stay updated on how you can cop yours via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More photos after the jump.

camo pack-air max-nike_13 camo pack-air max-nike_14 camo pack-air max-nike_16 camo pack-air max-nike_17 camo pack-air max-nike_11 camo pack-air max-nike_12 camo pack-air max-nike_18 camo pack-air max-nike_19 camo pack-air max-nike_09 camo pack-air max-nike_15 camo pack-air max-nike_07 camo pack-air max-nike_08 camo pack-air max-nike camo pack-air max-nike_02 camo pack-air max-nike_05 camo pack-air max-nike_04 camo pack-air max-nike_03 camo pack-air max-nike_10

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