The hype for the Nike Air Yeezy 2 has consumed us all at this point, after months and weeks of teasers, leaks, false information and a date that’s been debated to be the actual day of release. However, overseas stores like Espionage in Sydney have already confirmed their release date, that is said to be June 9th.  Espionage will be raffling off the Nike Air Yeezy 2, making it easy for all customers to have a fair chance. If you’re in Australia, You might want to head over and start planning.


  1. Fair Chance? Oh will this be the same “Fair Chance” everyone experienced for the Galaxy raffle at Espionage?

    The store owner received 8 pairs (confirmed by Nike Australia), told everyone he only got 6 from Nike?
    and to make it a total laughing stock the first two tickets for the shoe were staff members, followed by another person who was related to a staff member.

    How about they just advertise they are raffling three pairs away, so they can save us all a night standing in the cold?
    The Sydney scene is corrupt and i know there is more than a handful of us boycotting the Espionage store as a direct result of their last “Fair Chance” raffle,
    I’ll take my chances online thanks.


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