In what can only be labeled a stunt, Kanye confidant Don C took to Instagram this morning to stir the Yeezus pot, and if the information he oh so subtly relayed is true, “Yeezus Season” is going to last from a little longer than June 18th. The post was a typical Instagram stunt, the old “tap to retry” screenshot set up to sucker people into double-tapping to like the image, but the notoriety of this post comes from the hashtags, “#airyeezy2” and “#redoctobers”.

Now this might have gone over-looked, but based on our current Air Yeezy info, we are pretty sure we will be seeing Red Air Yeezy 2’s, and we will be seeing them later in the year. So if you put the offhanded movie reference and trust the hashtag’s, you end up with what is the potential release date for the newest to the Nike Air Yeezy 2 lineup. October fits with Nike rep Heidi Burgett’s statements, and very few would have more combined knowledge than Don C and Ms. Burgett. Stay tuned for the latest in Yeezy info via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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