Sports often allow a platform to let off steam, find a sense of community, and, with the help of the 2021 Be True collection, provide a setting for radical inclusivity. Nike is announcing an offering that complements the diverse stories, backgrounds and orientations of all athletes, regardless of their identity.

Nike and Be True hold on to the ethos of diverse representation. Since Nike is such an integral part of streetwear, athletics and lifestyle, the collection uses the personal stories represented by the LGBTQIA+ to guide the creative direction. The footwear capsule consists of a Blazer ’77 Low, Air Max Pre Day, All Out Utility Slide, and Infinity React Run 2. For a touch of personal expression, each silhouette comes with a very special velcro patch. Each represents the nine flags of LGBTQIA+ orientation.

The Nike Infinity React Run 2 borrows a rainbow Flyknit design last seen in 2017. The customizable flag comes in on the heel. The Blazer ’77 Low presents a lighter and brighter design complete with a pink gum sole, light orange tongue and a rainbow stitched Swoosh. As for the Air Max Pre Day, a teal shade coats the entire construction, interrupted by a gradient rainbow Swoosh. The All Out Utility Slide boasts hot pink fanny pack foot security with two storage compartments and a new outsole pattern. Lastly, tees, hoodies, trail shorts and other apparel pieces will accompany the footwear.

Nike continued attempts to trailblaze in social efforts marks involvement with various organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Youth Ambassadors. The Be True Campaign celebrates one such ambassador’s journey. Gia Parr’s transition story helps her inspire students everywhere. “Through the brave leadership of teens like Parr, their honesty is helping to embolden a new generation to trust that their testimonies will be respected, embraced and heard,” said Nike’s announcement.

The Nike 2021 Be True collection will launch June 7th in North America and worldwide on June 15th. Available at, Nike stores and app, and select retailers.


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