The Nike Dunk High adds a woven pattern to the arsenal now, making a hybrid that is sure to cater to casual wearers who need a day-to-day shoe. The woven pattern is featured on the midsoles, and the toe box and heel are treated with the standard woven XL stitching. Along with blue and red versions comes a black variation that utilizes green and orange to add in color.
nike-dunk-high-woven-09-570x369 nike-dunk-high-woven-07-570x570 nike-dunk-high-woven-02-570x532 nike-dunk-high-woven-03-570x369 nike-dunk-high-woven-01-570x570 nike-dunk-high-woven-05-570x485 nike-dunk-high-woven-06-570x369 nike-dunk-high-woven-04-570x570

via atmos