No we won’t be seeing these lovely volt joints hit retailers but we can tell you that a few of these have made their way on Ebay. Available now are the “Tennis Ball” Lebron 9 Elite’s that Lebron tweeted a few months ago. The silhouette features a neck breaking Volt colorway but also features a Dunkman logo placed on the tongue. You won’t be able to find these anywhere but Ebay so for those wanting to cop a pair, You Can Buy them Now


nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_06 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_05 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_04 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_02 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_03 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_10 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_09 nike-lebron-9-tennis-ball_08


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