Lebronold Palmer. The shoe that bears the half & half iced tea theme that Arnold Palmer has made famous is a bit of a cult hit as it has become a very popular shoe despite it never being available to the public. The version that is known to the public features a yellow upper that features the palm tree print in teal along with some mango accents. The version pictured here is an alternate and sees the colors flipped with teal being used in the upper and going with yellow as the prime accent. The topper is the insole which features the “Lebronold Palmer” tea that is sure to refresh. If you got the coin you might be a player for these rare samples because You Can Buy them Now

nike-lebron-9-low-reverse-lebronold-palmer-1  nike-lebron-9-low-reverse-lebronold-palmer-6 nike-lebron-9-low-reverse-lebronold-palmer-8 nike-lebron-9-low-reverse-lebronold-palmer-7 nike-lebron-9-low-reverse-lebronold-palmer-5


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