According to Jason Petrie, The Nike Lebron 9 won’t be seeing a “South Beach” colorway this year but there’s always customizers who take matters into their own hands and create their own “South Beach” Lebron. Customizer Da Prince Customs, created a “South Beach” inspired colorway on the Nike Lebron 9. Originally the black colorway, Prince added the Green Filament and Pink Flash on the uppers and heel, creating the Lebron 9 version of one of the most hyped colorways of all time. See the Nike Lebron 9 “South Beach” Customs after the jump! Paint or thread


  1. i was exited when i saw the title cause i was waiting for some one to do this but then i clicked on the title and scrolled down and saw this -.- this is extremely poor execution got my hopes up for this disappointment

  2. Props for doing you, but personally I fucking hate this colorway and wouldn't wear these, or the actual South Beaches, or the south beach flip flops, or underwear, or whatever else got butchered with that nasty ass colorway……


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