The Nike SB Era of the early 2000’s will always be one of the most historic times for the Nike SB Dunk Line. SB’s like the Tiffany, Heineken, Cali’s, De La’s, Pushead’s and Avengers were only a few of many SB’s that were released around that time. However, there are some SB’s you may have never heard of like this 2002 Nike SB Dunk Low Pro B “Stussy” Sample, that were given away during the Vans Warped Skate Tour in Melbourne, Australia. This SB Dunk Low features a white upper, Stussy logo on the sole heel, and two golden charms that accompanied the shoe. Though this SB never saw a world wide release, You can still come across this rare gem by copping them on Ebay. Cop Yours Here

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