Nike Sportswear wasn’t playing around when they went to the drawing board to create some leather Sneakerboots for the Holiday season and their final product looks simply amazing. Although for a while we were hesitant towards these Sneakerboots, NSW leather renditions have converted us into full-on believers that this shoe is capable of doing some damage in the sales department. The brown trim that wraps around the midsole of the first two sneakers was the icing on the cake and we cannot wait for these to release. Word on a drop date for the U.S. has yet to be announced so make sure you stay tuned with us for the latest via our FB, Instagram, and Twitter.

nike-sportswear-leather-sneakerboots-2 nike-sportswear-leather-sneakerboots-3 nike-sportswear-leather-sneakerboots-4 nike-sportswear-leather-sneakerboots-5 nike-sportswear-leather-sneakerboots-7 nike-sportswear-leather-sneakerboots-6


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