The Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL) is responsible for the research and study of athletes and everything that goes into their performance. In addition to decades of research at the lab, Nike is using a new source of data for its latest NSRL Series collection. A sweeping review of statical themes from Nike running crews and the Nike Run Club app looks at how people are using Nike running products in the real world. The Swoosh looks to give power to the athlete with an adaptive collection of running apparel designed to meet the needs of athlete’s in cold weather.

Specifically, temperature regulation and low-light visibility revealed themselves to be the most common problems for urban runners. Looking at patterns in frequency, times of day, and paces in various weather conditions determined what needed to be addressed, leading to the design of several specific garments. Taking an environment-first approach, NSRL’s response includes the Transform jacket, Aurora bomber, layering tops, a men’s and women’s pant, and women’s tights.

The Transform jacket uses multiple fabrics to create the ideal combination of a lightweight and warm experience. GORE-TEX INFINUM and down fill are featured on the convertible jacket whose hood and sleeves can be removed to make it a vest. The down insulation in the front of the jacket can be removed and stored in the front chest pocket for a lightweight version. A large zipper on the back allows for increased ventilation and the jacket can also be packed into itself for easy carrying.

The Aurora bomber tackles the issue of visibility in low-light running conditions. Inspired by bioluminescence the bomber has a subtle ambient glow that increases visibility by giving off rainbow-reflective effect when light is shined on it. Quilted insulation keeps you warm when running in cooler weather.

The packable pants are designed to be windproof and increase visibility as well as be easy to carry as they pack into the back pocket. They come in a subtle grey tie-dye that as Nike refers to, “hides a ghost-flash pattern activated against direct light sources like headlights.”

Other running basics complete the NSRL offering like women’s thermal tights, a merino wool long sleeve and a performance t-shirt. You can take a look at select pieces from the collection prior to release on the Nike website. The NSRL Cold Weather Running Gear collection launches on February 10th on


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