Nike Air is certainly one thing Jordan heads have been longing for and with the state of retro’s almost coming to a close, Lot’s of individuals are praying that Nike Air would return once again. The most recent shoe to feature Nike Air, was 2011’s Air Jordan 1 “Banned” that featured No Jumpman and Nike Air on the tongue; giving Jordan Heads a bit of faith on possible Nike Air retro’s in the near future. Let us know if you’d like to see Nike Air once again and check out the video after the Jump!

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  1. so you guys want “nike air” on the back of jordans….nike wont do it, they wont associate their name with jordan brands GARBAGE!! so they put nike air on the shoes again and thats supposed to make up for all the extreme TRASH they have been making?

  2. Definitely bring em back, and bring back the orginal material and not that cheap ass shit they been using now for these lame ass retro’s . But you want us to pay 160 dollars for the shoes . its stupid

  3. this is pointless because bringing the nike air back is not going to mean the shoe is og. its still going to be a 20__ whatever year shoe. if you want nike air go buy a pair with that on it.

  4. Why do you guys complain about the quality of the shoe if you don’t even hoop in them all your gonna do is walk around in them

  5. I only buy 1999-2004 retros. I don’t buy many new pairs but I would if they had “Nike Air” on the back and were made with quality in mind. These new retros are cheaper than the box they come in.

  6. I like that Jordan n Nike r apart don’t bring it back jump man looks better just give us the great quality that the og’s had real true Jordan heads would agree with this statement from a long time Jordan fan 80’s baby here so I actually grew up in og’s n had posite before it was popular here in new York we always r making new trends just give us back the good quality n keep the jumpman


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