For me, the “Night Track” pack was one of the most underrated packs to release in 2013 and I hope these photos help my argument. My brother ended up snagging these off Nike and we decided to go out and snap a few shots. Featuring the exact same silver upper (the 3M is nuts), the other colorway substitutes the blue with red and looks just as good in-person. For those interested, You can Buy them Now for under retail. Let us know if you’re feeling these and stay tuned for more on feet shots via our FB, IG, and Twitter.

modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_156 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_158 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_157 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display



  1. 100% agree & thanks for the nice shots. I’ve never seen these in person. Wish you took a shot of their soles. I’ve always been curious about the glitter effect.


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