Ralph Lauren is getting into the holiday spirit with a collection of skate decks that make perfect gifts for the Polo Bear fan in your life.

Implied by the collection’s “Deck the Walls” moniker, these skate decks are likely intended to be used as wall decorations and not for actual skating. Comprised of seven decks releasing over a span of seven days, each deck comes with a graphic of the iconic Polo Bear dressed in a unique Ralph Lauren fit. They collection is currently on display at select Ralph Lauren stores.

Skateboarding and the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear have crossed paths before. In 2018, Ralph Lauren teamed up with Palace Skateboards on a full collection that included a sweater with the Polo Bear doing a kickflip on it. LA-based streetwear label FTP also had some Polo Bear-inspired pieces in their SS19 collection, including a skate deck with a Polo Bear wearing a ski mask.

The Ralph Lauren “Deck the Walls” Polo Bear Skate Deck collection will release from December 1st to December 7th exclusively on the Polo Ralph Lauren app. Grab a first look below.

Photos via Lei_Takanashi


  1. Going to have to hop on eBay and buy one for $1,500 freaking dollars. App had so many tec issues this morning as my wife and i had 4 cell phones (2 personal 2 work) trying to reel one of these suckers in! Best bet….Ebay if you really want to grab one, don’t waist your time on the double bogey Polo. app.

    • It’s absolutely ridiculous that bots are buying these up and reselling on eBay. It’s doesn’t give people that are real fans/followers a real chance at buying the boards that would appreciate it.
      I went and reported every single one on eBay because it’s messed up, they are price gouging and taking advantage of the situation.


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