One of Jordan Brand’s most prized athletes, Ray Allen, shows us a sneak peek of his current sneaker room.

When it comes to NBA athletes, You can always expect an abundance of sneakers, not to mention their own PE’s that have been issued throughout the years. Longtime Jordan Brand member Ray Allen, knows a thing or two about PE’s as well as Retro’s he’s piled up since the beginning of his basketball career. Seen here is a sneak peek of Ray Allen’s sneaker room consisting of several Air Jordan Retro’s, a few PE’s and other Gems you’ve probably never seen before. Check out the photos and let us know which PE’s you can spot!


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  1. My man Jesus Shuttlesworth got a really good taste.
    Not like many rich people and even NBA players who just don’t know wherelse to put their money.

      • I meant he is rich but still got taste, unlike, exempli gratia, DJ “YOU KNOW WAT AMMA SAYIN” Khaled who just gets all the hyped stuff.


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