Ray Allen going reverse in his Air Jordan 7 ‘Bucks’ PEs

Young bucks out there might not know this, but Ray Allen was really with the sh!ts when he was drafted by Milwaukee in 1996.

The U-Conn product was bouncy, quick and never hesitated to yam on defenders. In less than a month Jordan Brand shall bless us sneaker fiends with a GR version of Ray’s 2002 Air Jordan 7 ‘Bucks’ PEs.

OG Air Jordan 7 ‘Bucks’ Ray Allen PE

At a glance the differences between the PEs and 2019’s general release seem minimal, but up close, they’re hardly similar. Obvious differences include a materials switch up from tumbled leather to nubuck, and the lack of ’34’ branding on the ankles; but the 7’s pull-tab, tongue and midsole ‘peaks’ are also reversed from the OGs too. Differences aside we’re finally being treated to a widely accessible pair of super clean Ray Allen PEs! This is the first time his Bucks PEs will see the light of day, so we hope everyone is just as excited.

Ray Allen’s Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Bucks PE’
Ray Allen’s Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Bucks PE’

It’s important to mention that Jordan Brand has dropped some Celtics themed Ray Allen PEs in the past, but both releases (a pair of Jordan 8s and 13s respectively) were extreeeemly limited – like unicorn levels of rarity.

Ray Allen while playing for the Seattle SuperSonics

Speaking of unicorn-like rarity, we dug up some of Ray Allen’s cleanest unreleased Air Jordan PEs to get everyone ready for the June 1, 2019 release of his ‘Bucks’ joints. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of these Jays to drop though – we’ll most likely never see any of these exclusive heaters, enjoy!

Air Jordan 5 Super Sonics PE (2007)
Ray Allen Air Jordan 12 Celtics PEs (various 2003 – 2010; photo credit: @DependableJay)
Ray Allen Air Jordan 23 Celtics PE (2008ish; photo credit: @DependableJay)
Ray Allen Air Jordan 21 ‘Sonics Alternative’ PE (2006)
Ray Allen Air Jordan 14 ‘Celtics Alternative’ PE (2010ish; photo credit: @DependableJay)

Ray Allen Air Jordan XX8 Miami Heat PEs (various; 2013)
Ray Allen Air Jordan 11 Miami Heat PE (2013)
Ray Allen Air Jordan 11 + 9 HoF PE (2018)
Ray Allen Air Jordan HoF Pack (full)




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