glenn robinson-the rail-reebok_06

Reebok like many other brands, has realized that retro is the wave, and if last years predictable Shaq reprise wasn’t enough, they’re throwing a curve ball (wrong sport but who cares) with this one, as today we’re here to give you a glimpse at the retro of the 1996 signature kicks of Glenn Robinson. Not the most iconic or memorable kicks/player, these have apparently gained enough love in this retro era that they’ve been brought back, and this purple/black/green look ala the Bucks is sure to be a slam dunk (there we go). You Can Buy Them Now for 79.99

glenn robinson-the rail-reebok glenn robinson-the rail-reebok_02 glenn robinson-the rail-reebok_03 glenn robinson-the rail-reebok_05 glenn robinson-the rail-reebok_04

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