With a possible return of the Seattle Supersonics, Reebok may be ahead of the curve with their Kamikaze II retro. Thankfully by the time the team resurfaces, you should have a deep arsenal of Shawn Kemp sigs at your disposal. We got a sneak peek at the “Reignman Camo” pack a while back, a play on Kemp’s nickname that covers the shoe in 3M raindrops to add even more character to the standout baller. Here we get a look at the blacked out version which gets finished with silver “Reigndrops”. These joints aren’t scheduled to hit shelves for a while, buy you can snag some pairs early at online shop Osneaker.

reebok-kamikaze-ii-reignman-black-white-04-570x318 reebok-kamikaze-ii-reignman-black-white-05


reebok-kamikaze-ii-reignman-black-white-06-570x434 reebok-kamikaze-ii-reignman-black-white-07 reebok-kamikaze-ii-reignman-black-white-08-570x438


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