Titolo’s contribution to the 20th anniversary celebration of the Insta Pump Fury has been making waves, and if this packaging doesn’t get you more excited I’m not sure what will. Before we continue, lets get one thing straight, you most likely will never get this box as it will be limited to 36 “Friends and Family” pairs, but we can lust after all right? The hexagonal, cutout case is one of the toughest we’ve seen in some time, and though it’ll be hard to get your hands on ’em it’s not impossible, scroll through and check out all of the angles, these are going to be crucial. Stay updated on these and other pending release as always via MN.

reebok-titolo-box_04 reebok-titolo-box_07 reebok-titolo-box_06 reebok-titolo-box_09 reebok-titolo-box_08 reebok-titolo-box reebok-titolo-box_10