Closely following the popular Resident Evil 2 remake released earlier this year, Capcom has just announced they will be revamping Resident Evil 3 for modern hardware.

The goal of the remastering is to bring even more lifelike performances to the game. Photogrammetry is used to bring clothing, actors, and aspects of the environment to life, “right down to the last detail.” The game reunites players with Jill Valentine as she treks through zombie-infested Raccoon City, and as the trailer reveals, Nemesis, the monstrous creature hot on her heels, has gone through a major design upgrade.

Capcom also announced they will be releasing a four-versus-one multiplayer component included in Resident Evil 3 called Resident Evil: Project Resistance. For North American players, a special collector’s edition is also available for purchase, available exclusively at GameStop.

The game will be available on April 3rd, 2020 but you can pre-order your copy now on the Playstation Store or Best Buy (PS4, Xbox One). Check out the announcement trailer below.


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