new balance-size-1500 deconstructed
The crew at New Balance have reinvented the wheel for their latest size? only release, this time spinning the 1500 through its paces with this fresh “deconstructed” look.

Deconstructed can mean many things in fashion, but here it appears to merely mean “perforated”. The simplified classics are dished up in monochromatic white or black, both of which take the perforations with ease and both of which sit atop a white midsole and tasty gum outsole. These are truly hard to resist, speaking of resisting, you’ll have to do just that until the July 31st release. Scroll through to see the video detailing the “deconstructed” 1500’s.

new balance-size-1500 deconstructed_04 new balance-size-1500 deconstructed_05 new balance-size-1500 deconstructed_02 new balance-size-1500 deconstructed_03


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