vans-star wars-yoda-vader

If you’re a big Star Wars fan and also happen to be what some might call a control freak, this latest update from Vans will have you and your Star Wars figures jumping for joy. The latest in Vans and Star Wars’ outstanding relationship sees a Darth Vader meets Yoda motif made available to the custom store at Vans, allowing you to get creative with your combos and create your perfect Star Wars footwear. You can deck out numerous silhouettes and even add in non-Star Wars related touches, the possibilities are vast. If you’ve been waiting for some droids like these head over and get to customizing now.

vans-star wars-yoda-vader_05 vans-star wars-yoda-vader_04 vans-star wars-yoda-vader_07 vans-star wars-yoda-vader_06 vans-star wars-yoda-vader_03 vans-star wars-yoda-vader_02


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