distinct life-reebok-gl 6000_02

Though Reebok had a 2013 full of collaborations, it was rare to see them in silhouettes that were not the Pump Fury or Classic Leather, so it’s our pleasure to share some snaps of the latest Distinct Life collaboration that sees them take the GL 6000 to a new level. These bad boys feature a loose camo pattern that is rather abstract, adorning the navy leather and mesh upper. White and grey accents break things up nicely, and a gum outsole grounds these out impressively. You’ll be able to cop them on the 14th at Detroit’s Burn Rubber, and at widespread locations including afew on the 28th.

distinct life-reebok-gl 6000 distinct life-reebok-gl 6000_03 distinct life-reebok-gl 6000_04 distinct life-reebok-gl 6000_05 distinct life-reebok-gl 6000_06


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