It’s not like we’re counting or anything… but we’re 38 days away from “Avengers: End Game” hitting theaters!! Out of nowhere Marvel dropped a bomb on us by releasing the movie’s final pre-release trailer in the wee hours of Thursday morning last week.

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The trailer starts off with quick flashback sequences centered on key OG Avengers like Iron Man, Hawkeye and Thor dressed in Marvel Studio’s anniversary theme of black n’ white with hints of red. The opening montage really hammers home the fact that “Avengers: End Game” is a culmination of 11 years worth of groundbreaking film-work. Thursday’s trailer dropped quite a few clues at us Marvel fanatics without giving anything big away (as it should be). Check it out for yourself:

We’re sooo pumped to see this friggin’ movie! Marvel executives recently said that none of these promotional materials include footage outside of the film’s first twenty minutes so we’ll be able to enjoy “End Game” without spoilers.

We’ve now had a full weekend to digest the trailer, and we’ve got some questions brewed up now. Lets dive into our top-3 questions from the “Avengers: End Game” trailer!

3. What’s good, Hawkeye?

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Long time no see ol’ pal!

Hawkeye’s omission from “Avengers: Infinity War” left movie goers scratching their heads because he’s one of the team’s founding members. During “Infinity War” Black Widow explained that Hawkeye couldn’t join because of his house-arrest arrangement after “Captain America: Civil War.”

Word on theĀ street Internet is that our favorite bow wielder might’ve been affected by Thanos’s “Snapture” and changed his persona up from Hawkeye to Ronin.

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What caused the switch up in Clint’s life? Did his family get dusted? Is he a more jaded and darker character now due to a family crisis?

The trailer shows Hawkeye teaching his daughter how to shoot a bow on their family farm; could he be training a successor? In the comic books a young lady by the name of Kate Bishop ends up carrying on the Hawkeye name when Clint retires, so maybe they’re going to tweak that plot thread a bit so his daughter is next in line.

We’re dying to know.

2. “Did We Just Become Best Friends?!”

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We got a taste of what appears to be an early exchange between Captain Marvel and Thor and we’re geeeeked.

Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige stated last year that Captain Marvel will be the strongest Avenger on the roster; so we’re curious to see how that plays out with the Avenger’s current heavy hitter, Thor. The God Of Thunder’s personality has really loosened up in his last two theatrical outings to the point where he’s outright funny, and Captain Marvel displayed her own comedic side in her origin film earlier this month.

Are the two going to clash? Thor historically underestimates everyone but himself (for comedic effect), and Carol doesn’t take crap from anyone. That dynamic is going to be interesting. What are Captain Marvel and Thor doing in “End Game” since we didn’t see them in the Quantum Realm suits?

“Avengers: Infinity War” featured some fantastic and unsuspected team-ups like Thor, Rocket and Groot & Spiderman and Doctor Strange. What kind of partnerships will we see this time?

1. Has Anyone Seen A Big Purple Guy?

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The bad guy won! Disney movies don’t end with heroes losing – straight up. On top of that, the bad guy aka Thanos erased half of the universe’s population… think about that, half of EVERYONE. With a snap life fundamentally changed and we’re excited to see how Marvel uses that as a plot point in “Avengers: End Game”. Obviously the event is going to play an important role, but how will they convey it to the audience? How much time has passed since Thanos won? Where is he?


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