Following the launch of the Nike Dunk Lows “Passport Pack,” UNION Los Angeles is back with its next collaboration, the Air Jordan 2 “Future Is Now” capsule.

“When putting this collection together, the Jordan team asked us to think about what our future utopia might look like,” says UNION. “The prevailing feeling was that if we keep on waiting for things to get better, well, then, we are just gonna keep on waiting… ‘The future is now’ as they say…”

For its “Future Is Now” campaign, UNION has highlighted dope organizations and individuals in the Los Angeles that have already started to create our future utopia. Included in the list is Maggi Simpkins, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., Bloom & Plume Coffee, SÜPRMARKT, Chinwe Okona, M. Corey Whitted, Black Market Flea, Woodspoon Restaurant, Reparations Club, Dime Jones, Harun Coffee, Sika Dwimfo, The Kinsey Collection, Westside Winos, AJ Girard, MaLi, and Jerrod La Rue. The editorial was styled by Paris Cole, shot by Chris Parsons, and features flowers by LC Floral Designer.

UNION will be highlighting these people and places on its Instagram over the next few days. Throughout the editorial, the models can be seen rocking the upcoming UNION x Air Jordan 2 in the “Grey Fog” and “Rattan” colorways, as well as accompanying apparel that includes tees, work shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, and more.

The UNION x Air Jordan 2 “Future Is Now” capsule launches on April 15th via Union Los Angeles. Check out the campaign imagery below.



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