Yesterday, Modern Notoriety was the first to show you the Miami Dolphins Nike Air Penny 5 but sure enough, Wale became the first to rock this upcoming colorway yesterday as well. Sporting a New Green and Safety Orange theme, this upcoming Nike Air Penny 5 will surely make any Miami Dolphin fan happy, especially with the new NFL Jerseys. Watch out for this colorway in December. via wale

Nike Air Penny V
New Green/Safety Orange-White
December 2012
$150 retail


    • you truly are a hater at this point since you had the time to write this hating ass comment and look at his pictures hop off his dick dude

  1. Wale is lame he don’t even know how to rock them shits rite he never matches the shoes to his outfit come on man there’s more than just havin fresh shoes all the time get some shit that matches them u got the doe punk

  2. I don’t give a fuck about the lame to hate my thing is if u gonna keep posting pics of everything u get at least do it rite when I post my shit I’m fresh head to toe not w a fuckin jean jacket w some cacies and a black shirt w green shoes come on that the same shit he always wears pussy ur the dick rider for trying to stick up for this nigga when u know this shit don’t go but I bet u got some skinny jeans on listening to his hits rite now I’m a real nigga if u look stupid then u do I’m not hatin on his talent or nothing just saying

  3. who the fuck cares? why does it matter that wale is wearing a pair of shoes that most people dont even give a damn about? nobody cares what wale is wearing…this isnt by coincidence that this site along with others show rappers and what shoe they are wearing….can we please go back to the days of the people creating culture and not these rappers stylist?


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