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He’s worked with Stussy, Hood By Air, Darien Bruze’s East vs West collection, Premium Co., KnowLuxe, and runs an incredibly popular Tumblr account you should be following if you haven’t already. But that’s just the short list for Cameron Hicks, who’s got a series of projects involving some very heavy names coming up real soon. At the moment, he’s based out of Norfolk, Virginia, but will be making waves in major cities real soon.

001CMN1_effectedSunday in Nike Free Racers

MN: Your style is really casual and really fit for the street. Do you put a lot of thought into what you wear and what do you usually gravitate towards?
CH: A lot of my inspiration comes from past time periods and different cultures, whether it be street culture or from overseas. I subscribe to a few magazines overseas to bring in new aspects for my style. Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of my favorite Bape pieces, but I’m usually very diverse with the brands that I wear. As for general articles of clothing, basic flannels have to be my favorite. My typical outfit is probably my Wayne’s World snapback, L.L. Bean Flannel, a hoodie, some dark Ksubi denim, and my Supreme x Campbell’s Vans—I would wear that everyday like a cartoon if I could.

MN: Comfort or style?
CH: I really dress for both. My style is something that I’m comfortable with. Nowadays, you see way too many people dressing for the hype, and clearly [you can] see that they don’t even feel comfortable in what they are wearing at all.

002CMN5_effected (1)Monday in Timberland 6″ boots

MN: You worked with The Fader and Cornerstone and eventually, you wanna start up your own firm, but what was it like working there and what projects did you work on?
Well, I started working with The Fader and Cornerstone at SXSW in 2013, then  became an intern this past summer at their office in New York. I mostly did marketing and promotion work with them for their projects with the Fader Fort at SXSW, and Disclosure this past summer. Right now, I just finished up work for SXSW, which just went down last week.

003CMN7_effected (1)Tuesday in Supreme x Vans “Velvet” Sk8-Hi

MN: Random question…what’s one fashion brand that you think has done a great job in designing and collaborating with sneakers?
To be honest, I have been very disappointed in sneaker designs and concepts as a whole lately. But Maison Martin Margelia’s [recent] collab with Converse was one that I was very pleased with. I had to get a pair of them. I also liked the running and trainers that Nike put out in the last few years, particularly the Flyknits.


006CMN9_effected (1)Wednesday in Converse x Maison Martin Margiela

MN: What was the purchase you were most excited for this year?
I typically buy things at the spur of the moment, but I’m definitely plotting on a pair of Visvim Christos or FBT’s this year. I’ve wanted a pair for a while, but I’ve struggled finding the colorway I want in a XL or 12.

004CMN4_effected (1)Thursday in Nike Free Flyknit

MN: Which shoes are your beaters and which ones are you a little more careful about?
CH: My Supreme Campbell’s Vans are my beaters. They’ve been with me for two years now, and I’ve worn them probably 75% of that time. When it comes to  taking care of my shoes, I’m not particularly careful about any of them cause I like the worn look.

006CMN13_effectedFriday in Supreme x Vans “Campbell’s Soup”

MN: How do you think your presence in social media paved the way for you to do tons of cool projects and meet amazing people?
Social media is basically how I got any attention for any brand or person I’ve ever worked with. The craziest part of all of this, though, is that I didn’t even set out to become a model or expect any modeling work to come from it. I’ve always [just] liked creating content and stories behind the clothes I’m interested in, and the in cultures around me, and I stood behind my personal aesthetic and creativity. Social media is what helped spread that to a lot of the people and companies that I am working with or connected with now. Social networks have a lot of promise for anyone trying the get noticed in any industry—you just have to do it the right way.


008CMN10_effected-001 (1)Saturday in Jordan 1 Black Toes from the 2007 “Old Love New Love” Pack

MN: You curate whatever inspires you in a really clean, unique way. Why are people so receptive to what they see online?
People are so receptive to what they see online because that [the Internet] is the number one communication tool in the present. Most information that people receive right now is from a social network or the Internet. You just have to be smart and coherent enough to filter out what’s legit or not. That’s why I believe the Internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

MN: Talking branding and what not…what kind of edge or plan do you feel a person or a company needs to have in order to truly push a unique product or idea out there?
This is an interesting question. We’re at a point of time where you constantly see brands and people trying to push ideas or projects with no real plan behind them, and just depend on marketing and using the right people to promote their product. That’s always a good strategy, but in an era where you have thousands on people trying to do the same exact thing, in the same exact way, there is no way a brand—strictly based off something like a celebrity cosign—will have a long life expectancy. You have to have a strong, unique platform that the majority will believe is worth investing in. A lot of people believe all the ideas for designs or content have been done before, but if you’re actually creative, you can come up with new ideas all the time, it just takes actual time and hard work.

Photos by Terrell Jeffries. For more information on Cam, visit his Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.



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