We all remember the infamous post to Kanye West’s website announcing the giveaway of his Air Yeezy 2 “Red Octobers”, but the question is, did anything come of it? Between Kanye announcing the giveaway and the shoes actually “hitting shelves” a lot changed, but it’s interesting to see such a public showing not being followed through with, no matter what the circumstances.

After seeing the release of the winners names, we contacted the ones we could find, and while they were excited, they, having read the fine print, realized it could be some time before they actually received their pairs. The quote was “February”, but the release’s lateness could certainly have affected that. From the way in which Nike and Kanye parted to the way in which the “Red Octobers” were released, this has certainly been a more intriguing tale than we ever could have imagined last summer when we got our first legitimate glimpses of the kicks. We’ll give Kanye one thing, he knows how to keep us guessing.

The matter of the giveaway is somewhat of a mystery, not all of the winners have been easily reached for comment, and though we know Kanye seems to have enough pairs to deck out his entourage, did he score enough to make good on his promise? Stay with us for part 2 where you here first hand from winners as they talk about their Red October experience.



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