First it was Hulk Hogan…Then it was Miley..Now it’s back to the Hulkster who seems to be about “That Sneaker Life” all of a sudden. Hulk Hogan last showed us his recent pick ups in early August and he’s back again with some more, that include recent releases like the Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 8 “Playoff”, Air Jordan 5 “Grape”. Can he be taken seriously or no? Let us know how you feel about Wrestlers becoming Sneakerheads.


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  1. “Can he be taken seriously or no?”

    He fake wrestled for a living, and now be posts pictures of himself cheesing like a motherfucker over some GR kicks. This didn’t even need to be posted at all.

  2. Honestly, shit like this makes me not even want Jordans anymore, because celebrities play things out to the fullest.

  3. stop hating! hulk rules!
    he has the right to rock Jordans, just like the rest of us
    why not, i think its cool :)

  4. lol this is funny..

    Look at this hype beast smh > PatFromFanIQ “now be posts pictures of himself cheesing like a motherfucker over some GR kicks.”

    General releases are sneakers too. Limited Editions/Exclusives are have the same quality as GR sneakers

  5. It’s the same thing as the lame people that posts their pick ups on instagram or any other social network to get likes.


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